Theos Soft offers some small software tools and a service to you. My first service is to show the air pressure in Vienna. Take a look at it and learn how it works. Then make your own measuring station and let me know.

The following list briefly describes the software tools I've written. All of them are free and most are under the GPL.


  • HANDY is a small tool to put your appointments from Lotus Notes to your cell phone. The tools works for every device that understands the vCal 2.0 format. It was tested with Siemens S45 cell phones.
  • Record Manager is a *NIX/Linux application to manage your records. Establish order with your music collection.
  • fsplit is a small tool to split large files into small pieces. This allows to copy the pieces on diskettes, for example. On a target machine you can put the pieces together to get the original file again.


Theos Soft measures the air pressure in Vienna and shows it to you! The value is updated every 30 minutes and there is a detailed description on how you can build your own monitoring station.

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