Record Manager is a program to manage records and/or any other sound carrier. The program allows the management of singles, long playing record (LP), CDs, MCs and other sound carriers.

The adding of new titles is very easy and it is designed to add great masses of titles in short time. Depends only in how fast you can type Smile. Especially the adding of LPs was designed to be very fast and easy.

Since version 0.8 you can add an audio CD completely automatic. Precondition is, that an audio CD is in your local CD drive and that there exists a CDDB entry on one of the remote servers. As it was possible before, there can be a local CDDB file also. In this case the local file is prefered.

What is currently possible with Record Manager?

TODO list:

How Record Manager looks like?

menu_small This picture shows the main menu of the Program immediately after startup.

single_small This picture shows the search for singles.

lps_small This picture shows the search for sound carriers.

What do you need to make use of the program?

Record Manager uses several tools. The heart of the program is a database. Currently PostgreSQL or INFORMIX is used. You can choose what database you want when you compile the program. The used widget set is Motif together with Xmt. The program was successfuly compiled against Lesstif 0.88.x.

To compile Record Manager yourself, you need the following libraries installed on your system:

PostgreSQL 7.0.2 (or later) [DOWNLOAD]
Informix SE 7.24 or Informix Online 7.24 [INFO]
Motif 1.2 or any later up to 2.1 [DOWNLOAD] or Lesstif [DOWNLOAD]
Xmt 2.1.3 [DOWNLOAD] Attention, it's Shareware!
Xbae 6.2 (or later) [DOWNLOAD] This is freeware and integrated into Lesstif
libcdaudio 0.99.4 (or later) [DOWNLOAD]

Where do you get record management?

You can download the Source code from the following links:

Version OS Type Date Link
1.0.1 Linux / UNIX Source 11/01/2000 platten-1.0.1.tar.gz
1.0.0 (Prebeta!) Linux / UNIX Source 08/28/2000 platten-20000828.tar.gz
0.9b2 (Prebeta!) Linux / UNIX Source 05/24/2000 platten-20000524.tar.gz
0.9b1 (Prebeta!) Linux / UNIX Source 03/27/2000 platten-20000327.tar.gz
0.8.1 Linux / UNIX Source 03/22/2000 platten-src-0.8.1.tar.gz
0.8 Linux / UNIX Source 03/20/2000 platten-src-0.8.tar.gz
07 (final) Linux / UNIX Source 02/26/2000 platten-src-0.7.tar.gz
0.7 beta2 Linux / UNIX Source 10/24/1999 platten-src-0.7beta2.tar.gz
0.7 beta1 Linux / UNIX Source 10/17/1999 platten-src-0.7beta1.tar.gz
0.6 Linux / UNIX Source 08/28/1999 platten-src-0.6.tar.gz
0.5 Linux / UNIX Source 08/22/1999 platten-src-0.5.tar.gz
0.4 Linux / UNIX Source 06/27/1999 platten-src-0.4.tar.gz

Description of Program: Record Manager

The following two links points to the Users Manual of Record Manager. Unfortunatly this manual is currently only in German language available :-(. Anyone to translate it into English?
Users Manual in DVI-format, German edition
Users Manual in Postscript format, German edition

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